The Dragon Riders of Pearl by Dr Joseph Ireland

The Dragon Riders of Pearl

Queensland Writer though I am yet to get around to reading my signed copy calling from the bookshelf.

From Goodreads:

His mentor slain, his people endangered by a curse threatening to wipe them out forever, sixteen-year-old Rayn must take up the staff of the wise men all too soon and begin a quest to save his people… … a quest which may decide the fate of the entire world. Accompanied by only his troublesome stepsister, his speechless friend, and a princess from a fallen empire, Rayn struggles to learn what it means to be a man while leading a desperate mission. With power granted by his faith in the powers of the divine, the mysterious secrets known only to the princess, and the emergence of their innate gifts, the four go further than any before them in their quest. But this new threat is unlike any the world has ever known. Will Rayn and his companions be forced to look for help among those who have shown little more than hatred and distrust of humans for the past four thousand years? Do they dare talk to the dragons? A young adult science fantasy novel.

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