Sushi For Beginners

Sushi for Beginners

The Harvey Weinstein and female abuse sagas were blazing forth as I read this narrative and I was constantly challenged by the thoughts of these women, what they desired from the men around them and how complex the starting and finishing of relationships can be. I enjoyed the titillation as well as the ‘real’ insights into how this female author believes some women regard the Other. Her insights into a mother’s life, her seemingly rich understanding of depression and her varied characterisations were enriching if a struggle for my poor male mind. The sex was very masculine in some ways, is that really what is going on?

What a complex beast the fashion industry is and how self-absorbed some of these women appeared. How much is real? What should a male reader take away from it?

I look forward to tackling another even if it got a bit over-inclusive at times. Great writer though and if I get time will go back and pull the characters apart a bit… just for interest of course.

From Goodreads – One of Keyes’ bestsellers, featuring the single career young women living in Dublin.

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