Truth or Die by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

Truth or Die

Good little adventure thriller. A few surprises but relatively formulaic for this author ‘team’. I would have liked more from Owen – no spoilers- he could have contributed so much more. Be interesting to see if they develop him further and give him the point of view. You have to wonder if the USA is really like this in any way. Recommended if you like political style terrorist thrillers. I listened to the audiobook.

From Goodreads – The truth will set your free – if it doesn’t kill you first

New York attorney Trevor Mann’s world shatters when he receives a phone call telling him his girlfriend has been shot dead in a mugging. But the circumstances point to something more calculated than a random attack.

Claire was a New York Times journalist and Trevor is convinced she had unearthed a secret so shocking that she was murdered to keep it from coming to light. Chasing Claire’s leads, Trevor will risk everything to discover what exactly she was killed for.

It’s time to find out the truth, or die.

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