Their Wildest Dreams

Their Wildest Dreams

Abrahams has got something – talent for invention and plotting!

This was a really enjoyable one day read. A novel with some of the twists of an Alistair MacLean and then some. This is a saga of larceny, marital chaos, adolescent lust and misguided passion, helplessly lost characters in the morass of the USA – Mexican border culture, black humor, the ‘Old West’ and of course good old sex and money.

It is a tale of 6 characters whose lives come together in a disjointed blend of violence and intrigue around the traditional ‘easy’ bank caper. Oh yes, and just as traditionally things do not quite go as planned – but just how is where the enjoyment lies. That said though, this is not a predictable book and the author deserves praise and recognition for that. Just as you think you know exactly what will happen it doesn’t. There are lots of twists and turns that sting just when you relax.

This is not great prose though I did love the characterizations and yes it is the worst of American culture on display but it demonstrates a thoughtful author working to entertain his readers. It is entertainment – pure and unadulterated. My mind pictured another big bloody Technicolor Tarantino movie as ‘Kill Bill’ flashed past my eyes.

I laughed at what I thought were colourful, enjoyable images:

“He took the bottles, opened them with his teeth, both at once, handed one to Loeb. Loeb suspected they’d reached the high-water mark of their friendship, might never again be this close.” (p206, ISBN 0141011300)

Abrahams runs an interesting subplot (or maybe it is the real plot) of an author struggling to get back into his creative realm and real enjoyment comes along as this budding sleuth accompanies the reader bumping his way through the plot. Along the way some well-placed reflections of the state of publishers and literature find voice. Initially, I found this additional character annoying; but everything comes together and harmony ensues.

A tale that satisfies and will lead you to read more. A good airport and wet day yarn.

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